Friday, August 20, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

Today is the one year mark of when my mother passed away suddenly from a heart attack. But I don't live this day dwelling on her death... today I will celebrate her life.

I spent the day with my sister Theresa: hanging out, lunch at one of our favorite Korean restaurant, going to the grave site. It was great sharing that time with her.

There's no doubt that my mom had a huge impact in my life. Can't imagine all the prayers that she prayed for us kids... they are still being answered to this day. That's the great thing about prayers; they are not limited to space nor time... so keep praying people!

If you're a parent, don't minimize the importance of each day. Your impact will be felt for life! I have my mom's voice recorded inside of me... every funny saying she had, every soap box she ever stood on, all those moments when she was transparent about her feelings toward us... they don't go away. My mom desired for great things for us, wanting us to have a better life experience in every way. There's no parent that exists who did everything right... but the greatest parents give their best efforts as they continue to surrender their kids to God's will and plan.

If you're a child, don't minimize the importance of each day either. Honor them... esteem value, grace and the benefit of the doubt to the heart behind what you don't understand. Variables such as: culture, upbringing, or the era in which they were raised (war or economic stresses) that can be different from anything you may know or have experienced. Each parent is dealt a different set of cards than you have been given. Just because you don't understand or even agree, doesn't make them weird, wrong or out of touch. Instead of complaining or arguing with them... pray. God knows them much better than you do! Besides, you are planting seeds for your future by the way you treat them... YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TRUE THIS IS UNTIL YOU'VE BEEN A PARENT!

I thank God for my mom. I'm grateful for the impact she has made in my life. Although I miss her, I know we will be reunited again because she knew Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. This is the greatest impact she had made in my life... that's an impact I'll experience for eternity!

Love you mom... someday I'll see you again. Until then... God help me to live each day with impact... especially for my girls.


  1. Was thinking about you lots today.
    You are amazing :)

  2. You are continually in my prayers. Keep inspiring, impacting and making a difference You are so precious,talented and genuine. May God continue to work mightily in your life. Miss my FFC family. I have encountered another Korean Pastor at a Baptist church I attended last Sunday. He too can preached awesome messages. Loved the Pastor..... the congregation was a bit stiff. Didn't see anyone clapping, lifting hands or shouting Amens...Perhaps I will be the first.