Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cut to the Heart... and you're to blame!

Acts 2:37 "When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, "Brothers, what shall we do?"

When you read Acts, you can't help but see a different Peter after the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and what you see of Peter in any of the gospels. There's no doubt that the person of the Holy Spirit iMpActs our lives in ways that cannot be accomplished any other way.

Years ago John Bon Jovi wrote the song Shot Through the Heart (bonus question: when was it written?).

Shot through the heart, and you're to blame
Darling, you give love a bad name
I play my part, and you play your game
You give love a bad name

As the Church, we represent the ultimate name; Jesus Christ... Love Himself. Unfortunately, many people (and at times me) have given Jesus/Love a bad name.

Remember Peter... Jesus asked Peter to follow Him and throughout scripture we see Peter make a fool of himself many times. He was a man of great passion and zeal, but lacked understanding in many things. Jesus even goes as far as rebuking Peter by saying "...get behind Me Satan..." (Mark 8:33). And when the time came when Jesus was to be arrested in the garden, Peter took a sword and tried to cut off a soldiers head, but missed and cut off his ear (John 18:10-11).

I can't help but see the iMpAct and transformation that Holy Spirit did in Peter's life. Peter goes from cutting ears with human weapon - sword, in his own zeal and ignorance trying to make an impact his way. Now using the Sword of God's Word by under the influence of the Holy Spirit, to cut to the heart of people - making a divine impact that changes the lives of 3000 people.

For those of us who have become followers of Jesus, there's a lesson to be learned here: our good intentions fall short. When we play the game of trying to rely on our own understanding and do things the way we think is best... we give Love/Jesus a bad name. We must fully rely on the Holy Spirit to impact our lives: our motives, attitudes and impulsive actions.

Allow the Holy Spirit to cut through to our hearts.

Here's an iMpAct Prayer:
Lord help me decrease so that You can increase.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Seed Prayer and Confession

Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-11

The Lord God is Jehovah, my provider

All I have, comes from You.
Your character is good.
Your promises are good.
I put my trust in You.

You have placed seed in my hand.
In this seed is Your provision for my days to come.
In obedience, in faith, in joy and in expectation; I sow my seed.

I declare this seed is blessed.
It will not come back empty.

You are providing provision through:
    Employment opportunity
    Favor for promotion and increase.
    Favor in gifts from others
    Savings on the things I purchase.
    Longevity in what I own.
    Health and strength for me and my family.
    Salvation for friends and family.
    Breakthrough in my life.

I rebuke the devourer in my life.
Greed, poverty, selfishness and lack have no foothold in my life.

Thank you God for giving me this seed to sow.
Thank you God for Your faithfulness.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

iMpAct(s) - the choices we make

Acts 1:17-18 NLT  17 "Judas was one of us and shared in the ministry with us." 18 (Judas had bought a field with the money he had received for his treachery. Falling headfirst there, his body split open, spilling out all his intestines...)

The author of Acts, Dr. Luke, was a very thorough writer. However, I believe this vivid description of what happened to Judas is important. Why would God inspire Luke to give these details? Certainly not because He was trying to increase sales of His book.

One of the greatest impacts our life, and the lives of others, is our choices.

There are two choices that we make that drastically impact our life: 1. to become a follower of Christ or not. 2. Who I choose to marry. Both are not to be taken lightly, rather we should count the cost and realize the full impact they will have in our life.

I've done many funerals that have involved people from a wide range of life experiences. There's one thing I know, that the summation of their lives (and ours) is the total impact of all the little choices that they have made over and over again.

Here's a question to ask ourselves: How will my life be impacted by all the little choices I make every single day of my life 20, 30, 50 years down the road?

I remember a statement that was made a few years ago that has stuck with me. I guess you could call it daily proverb... here it is: We will either choose to grow daily, or we die gradually.

Marriage - if I don't choose to grow it daily, it will die gradually. Some have experienced a gut spilling (think of Judas) tragedy in their marriage after few or several years of neglecting it.

Finances - either we make wise choices daily with our finances or we will experience the Judas like symptoms of debt and bankruptcy.

Spiritual Walk - either we choose to pick-up our cross daily, feed our spirit with His Word and in prayer, and follow Him in a life of blessing, peace and the ability to overcome the challenges of life; or we will fall headfirst in the traps of our selfish desires of the flesh.

Whether it's our health, relationships with others or goals in life, our choices impact the destiny of our life.

I believe no life is beyond the saving power of God. It's not too late to choose life over death. We can fulfill our destiny that God has in store for us. It requires us to fully surrender our life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Leader of our life. Live a life of impact by daily choosing life that is found in His Spirit.

Impact Prayer:
Interrupt my life and disturb me God with Your compassion - push me beyond comfortable and complacent - for Your Glory!

Monday, July 19, 2010

impact(s) - don't just stand there

All of us have looked to the sky and seen balloons floating to the sky. Typically it's slipped from the hand of some kid who just came out of Red Robbin and between the restaurant and the car, it was released from his/her hand is left standing in the parking lot looking up to the sky crying for it to return.

When Jesus ascended, the disciples were captivated... I would too! Although they were instructed by Jesus to not leave Jerusalem before they were empowered by the Holy Spirit, He didn't want them just to stand there doing nothing. Luke, the author of Acts, tells us what happened as they stood there.

Acts 1:10-11 They were looking intently up into the sky as He was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them. "Men of Galilee, why do you stand here looking into the sky?"

In essence, the angels were saying; "The show is over. There's nothing more that Jesus has left to do... TAG YOU'RE NOW IT! The next time Jesus will return will be to gather the harvest of His followers, and that is our responsibility."

Impact requires action... good intentions don't cut it. We will not be judged on our intentions, but by the fruit of our actions (Read Matthew 25:14-30). Thank you Jesus for taking action on our behalf.

I have to wonder how many people will perish because I missed opportunity by not taking action on those good intentions. I pray I will be more obedient, more bold and courageous, less selfish and less fearful of the uncomfortable.

As God's Church, we must get the revelation that Jesus has done everything He's going to do... WE ARE THE HOPE OF THE WORLD! Let's be His Church of impact by taking bold action.

1. Spend deliberate time praying for God's heart of compassion for people.
2. Ask the Holy Spirit to show me someone this week that I can impact in a practical way.
3. Catch myself every time I say "someday/in a minute I will do____________" and DO IT NOW!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today was our first Sunday back to FFC from our 9 week sabbatical. Coming together in worship was magnificent! Meeting new people who have come to find FFC as home over the past several weeks proves that the church is bigger than anyone person.

We introduced a new series that will take us through the book of Acts (see below for today's outline), taking a look at the characteristics that made the early church the impact that it was. We will be casting vision from the book of Acts at how we can be a glorious Church of impact... the Church God sees, and the Church I believe we are to be.

Everyone was challenged today with two specific ways: 1. Over the next several weeks to read through the book of Acts, 2. Boldly pray that God would interrupt our lives and disturb our hearts in order for us to shake off comfort, complacency and good intentions that never come into action.

I believe that great things are going to happen in all our lives as we position ourselves before God and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us!

If anyone is willing to share stories of the things that God is doing in your life: where He's challenging you to increase, how God is touching your heart and life, what the Holy Spirit is showing you in your time of prayer... anything of good report and praise, please feel free to leave a comment and share with others the goodnews.

Below is a review of this past Sunday's Message:


Matthew 16:18 the Message “And now I’m going to tell you who you are, really are. You are Peter, a rock. This is the rock on which I will put together my church, a church so expansive with energy that not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out.”

Acts 1:1-2 NIV
In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and teach until the day he was taken up to heaven, after giving instructions through the Holy Spirit to the apostles he had chosen.


His birth – from the virgin Mary as prophesied hundreds of years prior.
His life – best summarized as a servant rather than a king,
His ministry - which goes beyond just miracles and teaching, but the ultimate ministry that Jesus accomplished was His death and resurrection which restored us in right relationship with God
and His preparation – the passing on of the call/commission to us (seen in His disciples)


Everything that Jesus did while on earth was done for one purpose: to seek and to save that which was lost in order to change the course of their life and “pay it forward”.


This is God’s House/His Church… and He is faithful to His Church. God didn’t send His only Son Jesus to die a brutal death for us, so that we can live a happy little life. Don’t let His death be for nothing… don’t entertain weak excuses that keep you from living as His Church… WE OWE TO JESUS, THE KING OF KINGS TO LIVE A LIFE OF IMPACT!

In order for you to impact your world… God needs to impact your life and the world called everyday life.

God is moving and accomplishing His work all over the world. Sometimes I get irritated when people (typically church people who have been Christians for some time) who talk about what God is doing in certain places. “Did you hear about what’s happening over there… God’s really moving there.” Not all of the time, but most of the time that comment is said because they are articulating what they believe is a lack of “God’s working” in the church that they are at. BUT in reality, God may be moving around them in the lives of people that they are completely unaware of. But it’s easier to say: “God’s moving there in that church, over there” than to say I am not seeing God moving in my life… I’m no longer allowing God to IMPACT my life in such a way that it disturbs, interrupts and challenges my life to go beyond my comfort zone to touch the lives of those around me.

If you want to see God move… allow God to increase His IMPACT in YOUR LIFE, and find someone that you can serve in order to be an IMPACT in their life and see “God move” where He’s been waiting for you to move all along.